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Cheap Wireless Antenna

cheap wireless antenna

Meteors over Angatuba - One half wavelength antenna

Meteors over Angatuba - One half wavelength  antenna

Experiment with a End fed half wavelength antenna in detection of meteors. I don''t use any coaxial cable.The floor is moistured to increase ground conductivity. The antenna is low in height to change the radiation pattern to a better vertical (Zenith) lobe. These dipole is tunned by an variable capacitor. There are two main objective in this experiment. The first is to eliminate electric noise captation only by rotating in the horizontal plane for the better position of dipole and the second motif is to study the direction of sky that arrive some meteors. Please see the Icom R-10 receiver. Beside the antenna there are't any other external conexion with the receiver. For audio captation I improve using outside the radio a surpplus relay coil keep only near the loudspeaker. The signal then goes through a shielded cable to the tape recorder. Unfortunely I stopped the listenings because a internal flat cable damage the receiver. Escuse me the disorder but the experiment works well.

Color Holga- Marconi Station Hotel (Side)

Color Holga- Marconi Station Hotel (Side)

Shot with a cheap $25 Holga. I'm intentionally sloppy when I load in order to encourage these happy accidents. I like the #4 coming through in the lower right. This compound was built by Guglielmo Marconi in 1914 for transatlantic communication as competition for the undersea cables that were expensive and difficult to maintain. A number of brick structures were erected to house the station and operating personnel. One building served as office and operations center, several cottages were designated for men with families, and this hotel provided bachelors quarters. Six towers approximately 400’ tall stretching about one mile were built for the antenna and dominated the skyline for miles around. The station was automated in 1993, abandoned in 1995, and donated to the town of Chatham in 1999.

cheap wireless antenna

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